Mt. Sinai World Outreach Church
                                                               Members And Visitors 
                                                                  COVIC  STANDARDS  
1. All members and visitors have to wear mask coming into the door . 
2. All members will wear their mask during our worship experience  . 
3. All members will sanitize their hands when they come in the door and go out the door , 
     and sanitize hands  when you get in the car after touching the doors going out . 
4. All members  and visitors will avoid close contact with members . 
5. All members and visitors will avoid shaking hands, and hugging and having group 
    conversations after service and before service . 
6. All members and visitors  will keep an 6 feet distance in their seating in the worship service . 
7. Also service can be heard on the outside of the church if you desire to sit in your car .